Property finding

It takes time to find a property which meets all requirements, especially when searching far from home. In order to ensure a stress-free acquisition we offer a bespoke property finding service.

We know what is officially on the market as well as what might be “quietly” available because we are often contacted by sellers who are looking for a discreet service to put forward their properties to potential purchasers.

Working with some selected independent estate agent and professionals we can propose, keeping a keen eye on budget, a wide range of high-level properties and oversee all stages of the buying process.

Guaranteed purchase

Thanks to individual experience and collaboration with the best tax, legal and technical advisors, we guarantee the assistance to our clients throughout all phases of real estate purchase. With a very strict checking process our professionals verify the actual ownership of the real estate, its freedom from transcriptions and mortgages, the building and cadastral compliance of the property.

Property management

A work of great responsibility. A commitment to care and protection towards your home which we carry out in collaboration with My Estate, a partner company that during over 10 years of activity has gained expertise in the organisation, in the planning and in the management of many properties in Costa Smeralda respecting the contract in time, cost, and quality of the service provided.

Property check

Your property will be carefully checked when vacant following frequency and specific requests agreed with customer.

Administration and mail service

MyEstate manages regular mail as well as bills, utilities, condo or Consortium costs and sends an accurate monthly report on all expenses due. MyEstate specifically cooperates with well known local or foreign tax advisors for the payments of all these bills.
Mail can be sent to MyEstate address.

Property management

MyEstate handles ordinary and extraordinary house maintenance whenever needed; the customer is promptly informed of damage and once received the confirmation, MyEstate supervises all works and gives the owner a regular feedback.
For every maintenance work MyEstate asks for estimates and forwards it to the owner. MyEstate DOES NOT add unjustified figures to the final estimate, but asks a clear amount to the owner depending on the work done.

Keys service

MyEstate holds the keys of the property and is available for any need: goods delivery and check, cleaning service, technical interventions, house visits etc…

Emergency number

MyEstate can give upon request a phone number available 24/7 for any need.


MyEstate manages house cleaning, opening and closure based on owner requests. Should the owner need any other specific service, MyEstate can help in finding appropriate staff.

Purchase service

MyEstate deals with purchases of any kind on behalf of the owner, be it outdoor furniture, a flower bouquet for a special occasion or regular grocery before arrival.

Tailored services

Guests care, multilingual service (English, French, German, Italian), event organizing, boat and mooring place assistance, personal shopper, car rental … these are some of the special services that MyEstate can grant to its customer.
Anything else should you need, we are here to help you realizing it.

Maintenance and refurbishment

Supervision and quality check for small and big renovation works in collaboration with a range of professional designers, building companies and artisans we have been selecting and working with over the years.
  • project development and consequent specifications documents
  • submission of different estimates to the client
  • works management and supervision to assure the correct realization in compliance to the project and deadlines

High quality photo service

One of the most important contribution for selling a home is the presence of a good photographic service, combining image quality, honesty in the documentation process, artistic vision.

Porto Cervo Homes offers its clients a professional and free photo service with the collaboration of Andrea Bianco, a photographer with years of experience shooting luxury Real Estate and among the best in the market, with a portfolio spanning hundreds of properties, including some of the highest profile villas in the area.

design & photography by
Andrea Bianco